Ghosts From Our Past will be your new fave summer read... A Ghostbuster fan’s dream.
— Bustle
Literally the greatest thing ever produced by mankind.
— @lesbianravenna on Twitter
Spectral entries are real—and dangerous. If only I’d taken Drs. Gilbert and Yates’s research seriously, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.
— Martin Heiss, former chairman of the Council for Logic and Data
Surprisingly well researched... Not only entertaining but a good resource for fans.
— The NYC Ghostbusters
Unbelievably absurd.
— Dr. Harold Filmore, head of the Columbia University Physics Dept.
[Incorporates] plenty of the trademark Ghostbusters snark and wit that fans have come to love.
— The Dallas-Fort Worth Ghostbusters
An imaginative work of fiction, written by two women I have most definitely never met. Are you recording this? Turn that off.
— New York City's Mayor Bradley
Pleasingly nerdy.
— Empire Magazine's Nick de Semlyen
The most incredible thing I’ve seen in centuries.
— @susxnstorm on Twitter
For fans of both new and original Ghostbusters... Will keep you amused.
— Bristol Ghostbusters
I’m kind of a sucker for in-universe merchandising, and this book totally scratches that itch for me.
— The Mary Sue
Does Ghosts from Our Past have the best author photo of all time? We think so!
— Yes Have Some Podcast
The jewel among [the new merchandise] hands down.
— Ghostbusters Wiki
A good understanding of the ‘science’ behind ghostbusting.
— Positively Ghostbusters
5 stars. Arrived on time. Good condition.
— review